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Brighton blogger Alexis Foreman of Brighton Style Memos photographed at home for Atterley Road by Emma Gutteridge

I adore working with Alexis, she’s fun, driven and a good egg. I was honoured to shoot with her for super exciting clothing brand Atterley Road on a piece for their ‘The Road’ series documenting how Alexis juggles a home life with 3 boys and manages to run a business as well as the blog. And manages to look so crazy good. We shot some outfit posts, some interior stuff, some lifestyle and some street style.

Lymington, The New Forest. Travel photographer Emma Gutteridge

I was down in the New Forest recently for work and I fell in love with Lymington all over again. I’ve never actually been to the sea wall – an expanse of coastal heathland, grazed by animals and littered with wanderers that I cycled along just as the last of the light teetered out. Loved it there so much.

Photography by Brighton and London photographer Emma Gutteridge

My job is so varied – one morning I could be doing a portrait shoot for an actor, in the afternoon shooting some products for someone who makes clay pots and in the evening doing some street style shots for a fashion blogger. I get to meet the most passionate people and it’s brilliant.

Meet Isa, a digital marketer and fashion blogger. I’m sure you’ll agree she’s totally gorgeous. You can see her feature here.

Photography by Brighton and London photographer Emma Gutteridge

It’s been a busy summer and I’m just starting to catch up with blogging new work!

I’m so proud to be working with the guys at Workshop. Their ethic is just wonderful and their shop, in my opinion is the best of it’s kind. I find it impossible to come out empty handed. I’ll be doing a more detailed blog about their wares on Gloria’s Food soon but in the meantime here’s what we shot for their amazing new website. Do give them a visit, I promise it’s worth it.

Evita Fonsen photographed by Emma Gutteridge

One sunny Sunday in Brighton I was browsing in a make up shop and in walked Evita. The girl behind the counter remarked that she had to be a model – I knew there and then I had to photograph Evita. I caught her up and gave her a card. I didn’t actually expect to hear from her but a few hours later she emailed me to say she would like to work with me except she was only in the UK for a few days.

Nan Comes Home - a set of images by Emma Gutteridge documenting a 93 year old woman coming home to her husband of 71 years after a month in hopsital.

A few weeks ago I took an enforced few days off and drove up to the homeland. My nan had been in hospital for a month – she kept saying she hadn’t committed a crime, they couldn’t keep her apart from her husband. He said he didn’t know if he was coming or going. Their love is so strong, and after 71 years of marraige that’s pretty incredible.


So many things are afoot at the moment, with lots of stuff happening to be excited about. This week I’ve been working on a body of work that is being installed at The Druids Arms, Brighton as of next week – it’s a preview to my exhibition (date and venue TBC) that’s coming up, all about the gentrification of the London Road area in Brighton. I’ll be blogging a bit more info next week when it goes up.

Photography by Brighton and London photographer Emma Gutteridge

Stela and I have been meaning to shoot together for ages, I really wanted to shoot her in a very editorial way. My absolute photography hero is Paul Jasmin and I wanted to bring in a bit of that 70’s look for Stela – a friend owns a caravan near Brighton racecourse and it was perfect for what I was trying to achieve.


I try and put what I call my work camera down when I’m not shooting commissions or stock but I still like to shoot a lot of personal work. Most are on my iPhone which is actually a lovely little camera but I also have a film camera I carry around with me, there’s something about using it that feels so different to shooting images on my digital. Maybe it’s just because subconsciously I know I can’t really use the images commercially. There’s something quite refreshing about that. I tend to shoot around two rolls a month and mainly black and white film.

Photography by Brighton and London photographer Emma Gutteridge

So when I was wandering around town shooting some stuff for Flic Magazine I stumbled across a rather fetching shop front, so went in to have a nose. I got chatting to Jayson and Ryan and we ended up having a right old geek out about the magazines and photography we love. It also just so happened they were after a photographer and I’m so happy to be working with these two.