It could probably be said that for most people Schönefeld Airport serves a sole purpose for travelling into Berlin but I found the airport visually interesting in it’s definite lines. Then we boarded a two floor train that slowly made it’s way into the core of the city through deep East Berlin

Nestled on the Brighton/Hove border is a coffee shop with a whole lot of atmosphere. Since shooting for them it has fast become my preferred working spot with great coffee/food and perfect music for concentration.

See the website here, designed by Eighth Day who commissioned me to shoot a series of images to capture the independent vibe of Stoney Point.

In the second part of a bulk of photography I did for Brighton based ceramics artist, Silvia K, I shot some portraits of Silvia in her studio. I absolutely feel at home shooting creative people and their creative process and I’ve very much enjoyed seeing how Silvia used the images for her site.

The Parson’s Table is a restaurant that recently launched in Arundel. They asked me for some simple, clean shots for their holding page and launch. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Lee and Liz and I know the restaurant will be a huge success as the food is incredible and their passion insatiable.

Back in late summer (still rainy) I shot a series of relaxed photographs for Brighton pizzeria Fatto a Mano for their launch. Since then Fatto A Mano have become a Brighton Institution, which is thoroughly deserved with their well made pizzas and relaxed atmosphere.

I’ve had blissful week off to enjoy autumn, my favourite season, and allow myself to be inspired by the world around me. I took my Fuji XT1 to Camber with me – I’m really starting to feel comfortable with the camera now after a few months of not being sure it as the one for me.